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Quentin was born in the UK and spent his youth surrounded by the pleasant countryside of Middle England in Oxfordshire. After serving time in the Royal Air Force, he took on several jobs as a contract engineer allowing him to travel extensively across Eastern and Western Europe and parts of Africa. In the early 70's, Quentin headed for Dubai and for the next 25 years worked in the oil and gas, well drilling and construction equipment industries to become part of the extraordinary evolution of a particularly extraordinary place. During this period opportunities arose for travel to Asia, the Far East and United States in search of new business and some much needed further education. After returning to the UK in the late 90's, still restless, Quentin decided to spend some 'writing time' in Spain, a decision that has served him well with the completion and publishing of over a million words to the beginning of 2018. Producing work in a wide variety of genre including Techno & Erotic Thrillers, Action & Adventure, Historical Fiction, Biographies and Satirical Fiction, Quentin is an experimenter with words and presentation, as well as being a full time writer. Having eventually left Spain in 2018, Quentin has now returned to the UK and is living in the North East with his passion for writing fully intact.

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Having spent a fortunate life engaged in world travel, Quentin feels the only sensible finale for such unbridled adventure is to write about it. An addicted novelist, he tends to write from experience, characterize people he has truly known and weave story lines around real events of the time. Quentin considers the stories he writes to be narratives that matter and is not afraid to approach difficult subjects, especially ones that accurately reflect the reality of a particular period. If you enjoy erotic thrillers with an historical twist; fictional characters intertwined with real events and storylines that will keep you turning the page, then perhaps you will find something in his writing that is particularly for you.

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Biography: Tony Collins – Football Master Spy (Released October 2016 by Book Guild, UK.)

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Erotic Thriller: I The Arabian I (Released May 18th, 2018 by Little French Media, 244 Fifth Avenue, NY.) 

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Quentin Cope 2018

New Release for 2019 - THE MURDER OF MADDI BROWN

Did Canadian detective Paul Devereaux, due for retirement in a matter of weeks, have any idea what he would eventually become involved in when he first heard the name Maddi Brown? Perhaps he should have left the festering can of worms alone; ignored the activities of a group of politically powerful conspirators responsible for the most audacious assassination plot in history and not become a final target for the murderous members of Division 5!

‘THE MURDER OF MADDI BROWN’ an edgy new thriller from Quentin Cope – Out now on Amazon Worldwide.


Buying a seat belt doesn’t mean you have to necessarily crash the car, but someone forgot to tell a determined ex-Inspector Paul Devereaux. A presidential assassination, a complex political conspiracy and the murder of a data manipulating genius named Maddi Brown eventually combine to expose a group of powerful conspirators.


Alison Zeigler is a maths prodigy who stumbles across a complex assassination plot when she works out what happened in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963, the day President Kennedy is murdered. So what is the link between a recognised mathematical genius, American citizen Alison Zeigler and Canadian fast food waitress Maddi Brown?

Maddi proves to be a reported suicide victim in the small town of Penhold, central Canada and a case being investigated by Inspector Paul Devereaux, a policeman with a chequered past who has only weeks to go before retirement.

Convinced there is more to the Maddi Brown situation than suicide, Devereaux investigates further, eventually discovering a hidden computer disk at her apartment. Perhaps at this point the frustrated but determined detective should have walked away, but as the days pass, the opportunities to do so decrease with every new discovery. Teams of assassins from the shadowy group known only as Division 5 are now on the loose.  They are confident about the outcome of their various murderous missions, never considering that one of their number may be captured ... alive!

This remarkable, well detailed story inspired by real events, provides action and intrigue from the very start with a carefully crafted plot presenting some surprising twists and turns. The story of Maddi Brown, her life as Alison Zeigler and her eventual murder will not fail to capture the imagination. Through the lives of some strongly presented characters, a tale is told; a fascinating tale packaged in a period of history forcing change on a world reluctant to let go of the past.

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