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About Quentin Cope

Having spent a fortunate life engaged in world travel, Quentin has always felt the only sensible finale for such unbridled adventure is to write about it. An addicted novelist, he tends to write from experience, characterize people he has truly known and weave story lines around real events of the time. He considers the narratives he engages in to be ones that matter and Quentin is usually not afraid to approach difficult subjects, especially ones that accurately reflect the reality of life.


Recently returned from several years in Spain, Quentin and his partner Jackie have now settled in the North East and can truly call Hartlepool their new home town. Quentin enjoys releasing his work through a mixture of traditional and self publishing channels in the hope of maximizing the benefits of both. With an extensive presence on social media and the Internet in general, Quentin is fortunate to enjoy the benefits of a broad international readership.

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If you enjoy thrillers with an historical twist; fictional characters intertwined with real events and storylines that will keep you turning the page, then perhaps you will find something in Quentin Cope's writing that is particularly for you.

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Fiction: I The Geneveh Project I The Unicorn Conspiracy I The Ludlum Prediction I The Doksany Legacy I Deliver by Moonlight I Carlisle I Sins of a Stranger I The Murder of Maddi Brown I Em I

I The Carlisle Trilogy I

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Biography: Tony Collins – Football Master Spy

Satirical Fiction: I Things You Should Know About Women (Written By A Man) I

Short Stories: I Rosalind I

Erotic Thriller: I The Arabian I

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Quentin Cope 2018



Released in December 2019 by Mecurian Books this great work combines the three books making up the Carlisle Trilogy collection into one volume. At over 500 pages and 220,000 words, this paperback becomes a serious read. (also available in Kindle)



Released in November 2019 by Mecurian Books,‘Em’ will introduce you to Emily Macklam, a tenacious nineteen year old Hartlepool girl struggling to hold together the remnants of a family, despite attempts to suck the very life blood from her as she works and schemes to keep food on the table. This determined young lady is therefore left to fight each day for her sanity and the ability to facilitate her dream of finally moving away from a clinging dysfunctional family and creating a new life in London, a place she feels sure is filled with limitless opportunity for a determined working girl.